1Tab: Personal healthcare assistance at your fingertips


Now in India getting your medicines at your home is as easy as getting your pizza delivered. Thanks to a company like 1Tab which has introduced sophisticated yet simple systems to ease the purchase of medications at the comfort of your home.

What is 1Tab?

1Tab is a digital healthcare platform that offers doorstep delivery of a wide range of healthcare products including OTC Drugs, Covid-19 essentials, Healthcare Devices, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Medicines as well other Healthcare essentials such as First-aid kits with special offers. The end users can directly upload the prescription or search for medicines and other health products. For its Hyper-delivery services of medicines PAN India, they have a remarkable performance in achieving the same-day delivery goal across Delhi NCR.

Who is behind the idea of 1Tab?

Sunil Tripathy is the founder of 1Tab. He is the mind behind this fascinating idea. He is an innovator and a serial entrepreneur with 8+ years in business leadership with a focus on Healthtech, contributing to the improvement of India’s healthcare industry. His experience and market skills certainly aid the development of this project from paper to customer level.

1Tab offerings

1Tab offers a wide range of medicines as well as health essentials for men, women and baby care from high-selling brands including Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Reckitt Benckiser, Himalaya and many more to its customers.
The system will be made more efficient by implementing a monthly subscription feature to the existing window. This new feature will make sure to deliver the auto refills on a specific date regularly to the particular user. This will work as a reminder, making the monthly medicine sourcing more hassle-free for the user. One can easily access all the required sets of pharmaceuticals through their platform that offers a lucid select and buy model.

What were the actual problems?

The main notion behind the startup was to ensure proper facilitation of distribution of health care products at the consumer end. Founder of 1Tab, Mr.Sunil Tripathy says “To ensure the authenticity and quality of medicine, we make sure that all our medicines are stored at stipulated temperature and regulated storage conditions. Avoiding the risk of any fake medications, we ensures that all the health products and medicines are 100% authentic by sourcing from certified and registered pharmacies.”

Safety and health of the consumers being their top priority, the logistics team keeps a track of the expiry date of the products. The team made every possible effort to acknowledge that all the medicines which are to be delivered to the customers must have a minimum of 6-12 months of expiry date. Delivering fresh and best quality medicines is one of the major checkpoints 1Tab maintains to establish the trust of its customers.
Trying to cut the waiting time and long queues for the medicines, we have also integrated fast and secure payment methods including online payments, net banking, cash on delivery, with easy returns and quick refundable process.

Why to get medicines at doorstep?

Sunil’s insightful concept for the medicines to enter the e-commerce industry may not be new, but their customer-centric approach with the aim for ‘happy and healthy families’ makes it a novelty. While maintaining proper social distancing guidelines, medicines are timely delivered across different states of the country. Long queues are no more a thing to worry in this crisis, and we can easily access our healthcare kit.
Users can select from a variety of medicines, nutrition supplements, protective masks, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines or simply upload their prescription. Buying medicines is now just a click away with 1Tab.

States his reasons and his motivation

Running multiple businesses, Sunil always aspired to create an impact in the society throughout his entrepreneurial journey. With his sound knowledge and expertise in the Healthcare sector, 1Tab emerges as one of his significant contributions towards society. His end goal is to create a safe and healthy society by ensuring efficient accessibility and affordability of healthcare services. This discerning idea was his main inspiration behind starting 1Tab to provide holistic healthcare services across the globe.

Journey of the founder

Sunil Tripathy’s entrepreneurial journey is quite diverse. His vast experience varies from digital marketing with academic business acumen to align customers with the right technology. He has spent significant years looking for proper solutions to drive acquisition and increase sales in the web and mobile marketing spaces.

Sunil Tripathy has a diverse personality. He is also one of the board members at R9TV, a News Channel and is a founder of online marketing, advertising and publishing companies. He is actively involved in retail businesses in India through the franchisee model and has recently sold a stake in US Based Pharmaceutical company that provides durable medical equipment at affordable prices to all orthotic patients. With the aim to make India healthier, 1Tab has always focused on creating awareness about the importance of nutrition and immunity. Thus, immunity boosters and nutritional supplements are some of its top-selling products.

Milestone of 120 minutes time limit

In this chaotic world, when it is equally hard to find a perfect work-life balance, enterprises providing eMedicine services such as 1Tab simplify the conundrum and definitely leaves a positive mark on our life. Many-a-times, work becomes the priority, followed by the other responsibilities that come along with the family. Someone reminding you of your health is always a well-wisher. 1Tab has been an effective benefactor so far, by providing quality healthcare services and products to all of its customers.

To ease the purchase of the healthcare products amid this pandemic, 1Tab maintained the trust of its customers’ by providing hassle-free healthcare services. It is a sure reflection of their vision in delivering authentic medicines to their customers and making sure that their users don’t skip work to get medicines or wait in queues at the pharmacy stores. Rather, receivers have the simple, yet highly functional platform to order their required medicines easily from 1Tab.

Considering families and their health as the priority, they perform an excellent job of distributing medicines within the same delivery date across Delhi NCR. For most of the orders, they have successfully maintained their score of 120 minutes as the delivery time, one of their biggest achievements throughout the journey.


With the foresight of being one of the top healthcare platforms in India, 1Tab’s team is stepping up in the ladder by gaining the customer’s trust and creating a safe and interactive medium to build trust and fulfill customer’s healthcare needs. Multiple big and renowned players in the healthcare industry made it difficult for 1Tab to grab a market share and sustained in the initial stage. Additionally, winning new customers gets difficult in the healthcare industry especially when it boils down to maintaining credibility and simultaneously offering the undeniable discounts. This is what 1Tab is grappling with so far.

1Tab’s prime concern is building customer’s trust by providing quality medicines, credible services as well as providing discounts while managing the budgets and funds for a smooth standardised service. However, with time and persistent efforts of Sunil and the entire team, 1Tab is now growing at a steady pace and already started adding a large number to their list of repeated customers.


Stepping up the e-commerce ladder, 1Tab is targeting to spread out its service to the next level. In addition to providing quality service at your fingertips, it is planning to extend facilities to consultation, lab tests and health insurance as well.
1Tab’s crew is working relentlessly to introduce a panel of healthcare professionals to its customers.

This initiation will provide more room for many more supportive services to its end users. For instance, past the successful launch of this very step, it will be a piece of cake for its customer to easily opt for surplus services such as doctor consultation, health insurance and lab tests. The vision is to create a centralised model for the clients by aspiring to build a one-stop-shop for all healthcare needs. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms will play a key role undoubtedly, connecting healthcare providers to the healthcare seekers.