Amazon One: Now pay your bill by hovering your palm over scanner

Amazon One
Photo: Amazon

This Monday, Amazon an e-commerce behemoth announced the launch of its new system-Amazon One, which will enable shoppers to pay using their palm. This new system will remove the problem of long queue while shopping. Though, this new technology will be first introduced in two cashier-less stores near Seattle (US) headquarter. 

Amazon one: new way to pay your bill

This new system is a result of biometric technology that enables shoppers to enter the store and exit after paying for the items at the store by just using their palm. Customers just have to scan their palm using this device and the payment will be made. But to use Amazon One service, the customers must have connected their palm to a store credit card, and after which they can pay using their palm; no need for the credit card again.

It looks like company is also planning to sell this system to other potential clients, and not to restrict this new device to themselves. The company is already in talks with some of the potential clients, and the device will likely be installed in retailers, office buildings, stadiums, etc.

The company has already experimented with this device and by March it will start selling the new technology in its cashier-less stores, called “just walk-in”. The company will install these devices in these stores making the shopping experience hassle-free for the customers. The customers will enter the store with the help of an app. The cameras and sensors will track and charge them according to what customers pick and put in their shopping cart. When customers will leave they will just scan their palm and the payment will be done.

However, the company has to face few challenges like it’s still a question about the demand for the product; whether the retailers want to install this new technology in their stores or not. If they do, how the company will protect the customer’s data. The chances of transfer of customers data to other companies who might use this data in a none ethical way, raises a concern for Amazon. 

According to Dillip Kumar, Vice President of Amazon of Retail and Technology, Amazon One, the new system will only collect information about where the customers shop, but will not collect the information about the products they will purchase and how much time they spend shopping around in other retailer stores.

There is no doubt about how big the company is in both the online and offline platforms. Though, the concerns arise when it comes to customer’s personal data. The company clarified while launching ‘Amazon One’ that the technology design is highly secure and the image of customer’s palms will not be stored in the device itself but will be stored in the cloud and will be encrypted. The customer can also choose to delete their biometric data by requesting online or through the device after use.

The company believes palm biometric technology is safer than facial recognition and eye scanner.