Amazon to invest Rs20761 Cr in Hyderabad to set up its data centre


The tech-giant Amazon has assured its plan to invest almost $2.8 billion in Telangana in India. The move is to set up Amazon’s new AWS centre in India. The financial backing will surely let Amazon in presenting an AWS cloud region by middle of 2022 in Hyderabad, said KT Rama Rao, state Minister for Information Technology and Industries and Commerce, Municipal Administration and Urban Development of Telangana.

As stated by Amazon in a bulletin, the next AWS Asia Region is going to be the second framework region in India. However, it hardly reveals anything about the expanse of the capital.

KT Rama,the son of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, also appreciated his elation by tweeting about how it will be an entrance of a leading FDI Foreign Direct Investment in Telangana. He further added that a sum of $ 2.77 billion is put forth to set up multiple data centers in the state.

The tech-giant is looking forward to bringing the revolutionary change in the industry by inviting more startups, enterprises, and developers along with the wide government policies and other organisations into the picture. Amazon is going to attract a huge crowd of customers undeniably, for letting different firms to use their models and deliver end users from the recently built data centres.

Chief Analyst at Convergence Catalyst, a consultancy organisation, Jayanth Kolla stated that this funding will let Amazon easily abide by the government’s data policy in India by setting up more cloud regions. This agreement will benefit both the parties by providing customers to the e-commerce giant, and giving plethora of applications to the enterprises. Kolla further added that it will create a plausibility for the other Indian state to bring forward their individual edition of the data localisation laws in the near future.

The cloud service, AWS has already worked towards varied established ventures in the past years. Big players as Life Insurance firm Aditya Birla Capital, RBL Bank, Automobile giant Ashok Leyland, Axis Bank, Edtech Byju, Mahindra Electric, Swiggy, Tata Sky, Zerodha, Edelweiss, Freshworks, Policy Bazaar, Ola, ClearTax, Bajaj Capital, Oyo, redBus, HDFC Life,
Sharda University, and Dream 11 are some of its notable customers.

Peter De Santis, who is the senior Vice President of the Global Infrastructure and Customer support at Amazon Web Services said , “Businesses in India are embracing cloud computing to reduce costs, increase agility, and enable rapid innovation to meet the needs of billions of customers in India and abroad.” The next cloud region along with the current AWS Asia Pacific Region will open more roomdded that it will create a plausibility for the other Indian state to bring forward their individual edition of the data localisation laws in the near futubility across different locations.

The e-commerce tech giant has already ventured huge sum greater than $ 6.5 billion so far, for its distinct operations in India. It clearly indicates one of the vision of Amazon for India as an enormous internet market.

Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are launching different firms continuosly in India in all possible way to provdie the cloud services easily to their significant customer market. Telecom giant Jio is already ramping up in every domain in India. Last year Microsoft endorsed a prolonged deal with Jio Platform to allow millions of enterprises access their platform Office 365 and other Microsoft Serivces at a reasonable cost. Similarly, Amazon signed a substantial coalition with another major telecom complany in India, Airtel to provide AWS to its varied customers in India.

There are currently 2 data centre regions of Google, while 3 of Microsoft in India. India’s cloud market is a sure attracting the capital fund from all over the globe. As claimed by the market research group IDC, India’s cloud market is hike up in the future, and predicted to be of worth $7 billion by the year 2024.