Careersolved: College dropout who is shaping the career of others

Jaskarn Singh Chandok, Founder and CEO, Careersolved

Careersolved: Vision to build the world’s first Artificial Intelligence based career counseling service platform.

This story is the entrepreneurial journey of a boy who was born in Ludhiana, Punjab. Jaskarn Singh Chandok was born in a middle-class family living in Punjab. Since his childhood he always dreamed of becoming an engineer in future. To fulfill his dream, he took admission in B. Tech course of RMIT University in Punjab. However, in the second year of pursuing B.Tech, he realized that his father could not afford his fees due to lack of funds so he decided to drop out from the course. Jaskarn now not only had to live with the broken dream but also had to start supporting his family financially. 

To do so he now started looking for jobs but with no degree (on his resume), his applications for various jobs were rejected; though he never quit applying for the jobs. Soon he bagged a role of Sales executive (on commission basis) in one of the local chemical companies in his town.

Through his new job, he wasn’t earning much but somehow managed to save enough money to contribute to his family income.

Jaskarn, who is a quick learner, gave outstanding performance and remarkable sales results and looking at which his boss offered him a trade license. After getting the license, Jaskarn immediately started his own business. His first client who owned a garment factory took chemical stock on credit which he later refused to pay back due to losses he had faced in his business. After several discussions with the factory owner the only option Jaskarn was left with was to cease the stock of the factory owner and sell it out in order to recover his money. He did the same and finally recovered the money.

Understanding the situation, he analysed the risk of happening this again in future while dealing with other clients. This difficult situation came to him as an opportunity and he got the idea of selling readymade t-shirts in the wholesale market. Finally risk turned into opportunity and the garment business took off. He later on took this into the online market as well and established own brand of readymade t-shirts under the name “BoyJoy”. Failed to create demand and presence in the online market he couldn’t continue this business because of lack of funds and credit related issues. Still he didn’t stop learning and took this as an experience. Meanwhile his family had to move to Bhilwara, Rajasthan.

Having an entrepreneur mindset he always kept searching for different business ideas. In the quest of success he started new business and launched a restaurant chain in 2019 under the name of “Sardar Ji Ke Tandoori ParantheTM” in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. His new business idea again worked well and soon his restaurant got so popular that it helped in opening another branch of it in Kota, Rajasthan. Everything was working well until Covid-19 hit the country. The restaurant industry got highly affected and he had no other option but to shut down the operations. 

Thought of this and his situation of being unable to settle down for one proper goal in his life. He realised how many more students there would be who faced or must be facing the same problem of not having a proper goal in life in relation to what to do and to make a career in which field.

He again took this as an opportunity and thought of making an AI based website which can help such students in shaping their career by providing them online career counseling sessions. In order to make the platform, he learnt coding by himself through free online platforms. He read several books on career guidance and decision making and finally came up with the website under the name Careersolved.

Jaskarn Singh Chandok, Founder and CEO of careersolved, researched about different careers and tried to identify the solution of the problem and found out that large numbers of students were unsure of occupation that was suitable to them even after taking admission in a college or university program. Many high school graduates took admission into a college/university program after being influenced by their friends and relatives, potential income, convenience and comfort. There is a lack of self-understanding, personal planning and goal setting abilities among students which result in limited work efficiency.

Moreover, traditional career counselors are charging heavy fees (near to 10,000 per session and students have to take 2-3 sessions for perfect counseling which most of the middle class parents are not able to take for their children).

Hence Careersolved became a remedial platform of advisory services for students when they are in a need of making a subject or career choice. Technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning is used to provide support to users in making choices during career planning in accordance with their interests, capabilities, and orientation. In Careersolved, we are focusing on building the world’s first Artificial Intelligence based career counseling service. One stop destination for everything related to career decisions and education. We optimize career options and make informed career choices for students by giving detailed information on Top Colleges in India, alerts for results and exams.