Engageli gets seed funding of $14.5M for its virtual learning platform

Engageli gets seed funding

Engageli gets seed funding of $14.5M for its virtual learning platform. The app is developed by people who have vast experience in online teaching.

During Covid-19 pandemic, students do not have any choice but to stay at home and study through virtual classes. There are many platforms available for the same but still, none of them was handmade for the current situation. This created a niche in the market for the people ready to grab the opportunity, and surely they did.
Engageli entered the competition with a seed funding of $14.5M in hand, which is without any doubt quite impressive. Dan Avida, Serge Plotkin, Daphne Koller, Jamie Nacht Farell are the co-founders of Engageli.

Dan Avida is a general partner at Opus Capital. Serge Plotkin is a professor at Stanford Emeritus. Daphne Koller is one of the Coursera co-founders and he is also an adjunct professor at Stanford. Jamie Nacht Farrell is a former executive at 2U and Trilogy.

The shift from normal classes to virtual classes has created a gap in society. Access to proper learning is not possible for each student. The inequality has to be removed, so the start-up has been built to handle and remove the barriers by encouraging deep engagement between students and teachers and course content on both online and normal class level, by promoting an environment for online learning which will be universally acceptable and will help the instructors to reach students and communicate better with students.

The app will also collect the data which will help in improving the interaction level between students and instructors, along with creating a flexible environment for organic as well as seamless collaboration and interaction on a social level for the students.
The startup has launched the app especially for students who are at higher educational levels.

The app is developed by considering the fact that students who are at higher educational level shuffle studying, work and family and online can be much more convenient.

The platform contains some unique tools especially to tackle defects in online learning sessions. The platform has some really interesting tools like table group, dynamic breakout sessions, instant integration of polls, quizzes, and interactive exercise which will help the instructors in checking the knowledge of students regarding the course, gallery view, and fixing seating.

Avida and Koller are a married couple and observed how their children who were in high school last year were not able to receive the best education due to barriers in online educational classes, so they decided to launch Engageli. They said that their children were constantly using platforms like Netflix and were getting better in a lot of games.
They observed how the format of all the platforms was unable to connect with each student and monitor their performances, checking if they are paying attention or not, understating, and were even actually interested in what has been taught to them or not.

They mentioned that the only reason for schools to use the video conferencing system is that is the only option available to them. According to him, when it comes to online learning, the team of the start-up is highly experienced and it has helped them in creating a perfect platform for e-learning.