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Lawfence: “Failure always leads to success”. Do you believe in this statement? If not, below story of Divyani Jain will definitely give you a reason to believe in it.

Proud of her decision she made impulsively

Divyani, when she had to choose her field of career out of not so many choices she had at that time, she was in perplexing dilemma. After thinking for some time, she impulsively chose law to pursue it as her career. She didn’t have any idea about what does it mean to be lawyer until she got her degree in law and became a lawyer herself.

Founder of Lawfence
Divyani Jain- Founder of Lawfence

She knew success is a combination of hard work and opportunity

Her hard work and determination helped her to acquire the skills one needs to excel in this field. She has gained experience in myriad areas of law and interned with the top reputed firms and PSUs like Luthra, Vaish associates, GAIL and HUDCO. Moreover, she has indulged herself in independent practice of law and execution. At the same time, she has experience in Civil law and worked with several NGOs that help in protecting legal rights of women and children. These accomplishments have always inspired and motivated her to do something better than what she has already done.

Divyani came across people like academicians, law students and even professionals from bench and bar who were lagging into some aspects of law. This issue led her to create an online platform where people across the world would be able to attain the knowledge of the jurisprudence of law.

Lawfence: What does it do?

Eventually, Divyani has launched Lawfence, a platform that serves distinct services like Trademark Registration, free online legal consultancy, and updates on the recent laws which most of the people are unaware of. It has been only a few weeks of launching her online platform, her work has started receiving positive response and appreciation from people which encourages her further.

The platform evolves remedial aspects for any legal issue with a transparent way to provide fruitful utilization of the service. One of the characteristics of Lawfence is that the approach is more practical and effective towards clientele issues. This made Lawfence unique from other law related websites. Moreover, the explanation is provided in an interactive way to the amateur and dilettante. Lawfence doesn’t charge money for legal consultancy and encourages students to write their legal articles, wherein the blog is free of subscription. The blogs and articles are published on a daily basis on the website.

“The main motive of Lawfence is to defend and secure the legal rights of people. It is working with all spheres of legal issues to make people understand law, its application and its execution to achieve its goal”, says Divyani Jain, Founder, Lawfence.

Motto and objective of Lawfence

Lawfence has started with a motto to provide legal services and legal consultancy to people and gradually it is progressing. Hence, Lawfence is trying to achieve different milestones every day for the welfare of society. Further, in the upcoming years, Divyani and her team members aim to expand their field in international laws like immigration, humanitarian law, and many more.

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