List of Startups that became Unicorn in 2020

Get ready for the List of Startups that became Unicorn in 2020. If you have an idea about the startup ecosystem or watched news related to it, then you must have heard about the word “Unicorn”. Almost all startups were initiated with a vision to become “Unicorn.” It is their dream to turn their startups into “Unicorn” someday in their journey. So, now you must be thinking of why the startups are so fond of this term “Unicorn”? Even more, you must be thinking of what exactly “Unicorn” is or what does it mean?

All of you must have heard of this term “Unicorn” in an animal species context, might have not seen it in reality but surely must have seen or heard about it in movies or cartoons. Unicorn is a creature which is described as a legendary pokemon, just kidding, not pokemon, lol but yes legendary animal as it has wings on it and has a horse-like structure with a pointed spiraling horn placed on its forehead, having that aura of bright shine around it just like God.

Now, Imagine that same aura and wings on a startup that was newly started a few years back. How that startup got that aura and wings? Because of Redbull? HELL No. They got it because they scaled up and came ahead of their competitors and became a brand because of their USPs, unique marketing strategies, and most importantly funding.

A startup is called a Unicorn when its valuation has reached 1 Billion Dollars which is near to INR 7,500 Cr. This much amount of money can come from funding most probably as profit is something which most startups start getting very late in their journey even after becoming a Unicorn.

For example- Flipkart is a Unicorn. Yes, it is. It is never profitable since the beginning yet it is known as a Unicorn startup and is now acquired by Walmart with a vision that it will someday start making profits. Now you know which startup is to be called a Unicorn. In 2020, a pandemic year, many startups failed and shut down. Like people say – “Sab jagah “HA-HA-KAAR” thi”.

Still, many startups survived because of their dedication, patience, hard work, focus, leadership, positivity, and chemical X, I mean God’s grace. We’re not talking about Powerpuff girls here, instead, the main concern is talking about powerful startups. Out of those many startups, here is a list of few Startups which became Unicorn in 2020.

The list includes startups that are dealing in different products and services and are satisfying their customers like they will make them have an orgasm, lol. Here’s the list:

1) – If you are a parent then you surely must have heard of this startup name. If you haven’t then your child will surely get mad at you once s(he) grows up and get to know that in his/her childhood you didn’t order anything for him/her from there, so hurry up and explore their site or app. It’s basically an online store for kids. It has almost all the stuff which you require to be a parent for your child. Stuff like apparels, diapers, toys, anything related to kids.

2) Unacademy – This you all must be knowing is an Ed-tech online platform. They’ve recently sponsored cricket matches as well. The platform is all about teaching students online and making them learn different courses which they can enjoy or have passion for from anywhere at any time. You just need to log in to the app and start studying. Your parents would be so proud of you saying, “Mera raja beta Sharma Ji ke bete se bhi aage niklega ab” with the help of Unacademy.

3) Pine labs – Some of you might have heard of this or some of you might have not heard of it. Also, the ones who have heard of it must be thinking is it a startup? Yes, it is. And for the ones who have no idea about this startup, if you’ve ever visited any general or modern trade retail store and have used debit or credit card then you must have seen that machine in which the cashier guy swipes your card. That machine most likely will be a Pine Labs product. Check out next time whenever you make any transaction.

So basically, Pine Labs is a payment processing company, started in 1998. It’s nearly a market leader in its industry of offline payment processing with no such major competitors.

4) Nykaa – Surely all of you must have heard of this startup. One of the girls’ favorite brand and for boys as well, it makes them easy to get a gift for their girlfriend by saving their time and money knowing that Nykaa products would surely fascinate them. Just open the app and book. DONE! Simple ha!! Nykaa is a superb cosmetic brand startup started by selling cosmetics online. It has now started offline as well and becoming a brand in itself. It has also started entering into the fashion industry by opening a fashion store.

5) Zerodha – It’s India’s No. 1 stock trading platform today. Whenever you want to buy or sell any stock then without hesitation you can use this platform to get the deal done. It has many other services as well but this is the most used one. So, hurry up, get your D-mat account and start trading.

6) Dailyhunt – This startup started as a news-based app having multiple regional languages but with the passage of time, it has become a huge content platform having not only news but other stuff as well like audiobooks, magazines, etc. It is one of the most downloaded apps and helps its users to stay updated with what’s happening around them.

7) Postman – No! Don’t take the meaning of the name in general common sense. Nothing is common here. It’s not a logistics company or anything related to courier. It’s a tech-based Indian startup that most likely is popular among the tech guys or software engineers which India is having about half of its population. Majorly this startup has its clients outside India. It’s an API management tool or software.

8) Razorpay – Most popular and common one today in the online payments market is Razorpay. If you have ever made a payment online then most likely it must have been processed via Razorpay’s payment gateway only. Just like Pine Labs is for offline payments, Razorpay is for online payments. It’s an online payment processing startup.

9) Zenoti – It’s again not a popular startup but it does exists and is having most of its customers outside India as Indian Spas and Salons still works in a very unorganized sector. This startup basically makes software that helps run a Spa or a Salon. It provides facilities for booking appointments, showing who’s going to attend you or will be providing service, how much is the bill made for payment, any discounts if offered all the database is provided and saved on a single platform. It provides full management of the same through its software.

10) Cars24 – Surely have heard this name on TV or Radio. It has many offline stores across the country and is one of the most valued startups as well in its industry. It is a used car selling and buying platform. If you ever want to buy or sell any used car then no need to poke your neighbors or relatives anymore to seek help or fight with the buyer for better rates. Cars24 is there to help you with the best deal.

Cheers!! There are many more out of which some are popular and some are not. However, they’re all Unicorns. Hope, now you must have got an idea about what Unicorn is, what Unicorn means, and which startups have become Unicorns now. So what are you waiting for? Try and explore all the services provided by these startups.