Energy Venture Shell E4 look forward to connect with 25-30 Indian Startups from 2022


The energy enterprise Shell has launched its E4 programme recently. E4 stands for Energizing and Enabling Energy Entrepreneurs and is strategically interested in the innovative and groundbreaking startups in the energy domain. It has planned to get engaged with almost 25-30 ingenious startups in India annually from the year 2022.

The company is widely known for providing its flagship E4 programme. They promote and endorse inventive startups. Shell incubates the neoteric startups by connecting technology, capital funds, talent and expertises the advent of India’s progression to a more sustainable and endurable future. The enterprise Shell India, is planning to escalate the innovative ventures by assisting them in different domains from the year 2022.

Shell India has successfully been involved with 30 startups in the past 3 years. The venture further endorsed the firms with the investment capital. The company has its Shell campus in different parts of India to further step towards giving counselling to the startups.

James Unterreiner is the General Manager of the Shell E4 programme, and he asserted to already have 30 firms working with Shell E4 program. Also, he further claimed to look ahead to collaborate with 10 to 12 more startups in India that will be starting this initiative from January 2021. He proclaimed to invest in 25 to 30 startups every year to accelerate the E4 program. He said, ” We’re planning on ramping the program to 25 to 30 annually. So, the first couple of years have been a slow ramp to get there and now we’re at that run rate where we expect 25 to 30 annually.”

Shell will provide a sum of USD 20,000 to every individual startup that is selected for the E4 programme. Besides that the company will assist the progress of startups for further necessary funding via different members and will finally drive them to come to simplify the solutions for a business wise approach.

Unterreiner further added to comprehend the fact that Energy ventures take a longer path to enter the sophisticated and established image as compared to IT or some other startups. GM of Shell E4 further said, ”We bring not just Shell’s capabilities, but all these partners’ capabilities to enhance that package and make it really rich and deep for them and then lastly offer them USD 20,000. Our ask in return for that is USD 200,000 with equity in their company and that ask is primarily to ensure that we’re working with committed startups.”

The company initiated E4,a fast-tracked road map, with direct attention towards the Energy Sector. Besides E4, it has invested in wide-ranging domains such as in the sector of clean technology, IoT applications, Digital Logistics, mobility solutions and many more.

The programme involves an intensive selection criteria based on 4 factors as defined on the company’s website. The process starts with screening at different levels, and startups will be assessed according to defined guidelines. The capacity for Significant Value Generation will be evaluated, along with the particular business model or the technology involved. The startup will also be assessed whether it meets the requirements of India Energy transition and Shell E4 themes. Apart from this, a startup will also be gauged for its product, market, intrinsic worth and liabilities.

Earlier in May 2019, Shell India inaugurated its very first Lubricant laboratory in India. The laboratory was set up at the Technology Centre in Bangalore. The lab, with 15 technical experts assisted various OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in addition to complicity provided in the customer region.

The country head of Shell Lubricants India, Mansi Tripathy said, “In addition to serving OEMs, this laboratory will also enable us in developing performance data of its branded products relevant to Indian customers.”
Recently, Shell E4 supported efficient and sustainable batteries made by Rishi Srivastava and Tejas Kusurkar. Rishi and Tejas moved ahead with batteries of low price point in the campus of IIT Kanpur. Shell. Offgrid Company is the one handling the material for the batteries. Shell E4 organised an event for a period of 3 days to inspire and incentify the new ventures into the Digitalisation in Energy, Future of Energy and Future of Mobility.