Startup Style: India’s 1st merchandise store for business enthusiasts

Startup Style: Surely, many people dream about starting their own business at a young age, but how many of them take action? Talking about entrepreneurs, these two friends will definitely inspire you. When most of the kids of their age were busy in partying, gossiping, and dating these two were building their own business.

Startup Style co-founders
Anshumaan Vishnu and Divya Gupta (Co-founders of Startup Style)

After working on their two prior ventures namely Dropout Dudes Media Private Limited and The Campus Media, Divya Gupta and Anshumaan Vishnu started their new venture Startup Style on 28th October 2018. They got the idea of Startup Style after they realised that unlike online merchandise stores for quirky memes, comics and superheroes, there is not much options available in India for Business enthusiasts, Founders, and Entrepreneurs. Startup Style claims itself as India’s first online customised merchandise store dedicated to startups.

Like seriously, what if someone wants a picture of Steve Jobs instead of Captain America on their clothes or coffee mug or on anything related to their business. These two friends created a platform from where people or businesses can easily buy cool merchandise for their entrepreneur friends and employees respectively.

Startup Style offers customised designs and merchandise

Looking at the opportunity, both decided to start a business that will focus solely on merchandise for entrepreneurs and businessmen. They started with customised designs and eccentric quotes merchandise, having a wide variety of products like T-shirts, Crop-tops, Hoodies, Pin badges, Mugs, Notebooks, etc. Some of the top-selling designs like “Pyaar nahi funding chahiye”, ” This is how a founder looks like” and “9-5 job, hamse na ho payega” was a huge success for Startup Style and helped it to earn a lot of appreciation from the market as well as the startup ecosystem.

While Ansuhmaan was an expert when it comes to anything related to computers and Divya being good at marketing, communication, and business development, both started working to establish their business, researching for fabric, printing, cost, target audience, etc. Both partnered with TIE India, Universities, and Co-working spaces which helped them to grow their brand.

Now, they are even planning to launch a new range of wide variety of products on this coming festive season of Diwali.
Together they are solving the biggest problem by providing premium quality products. Their customised merchandise is not only best when it comes to designing but they are also using the best quality for the base. We all know the nearby local stores also provide the customised products, but we often left dissatisfied when it comes to quality of the products.

The t-shirts and hoodies these local stores sell, are not as good as we pay for. To tackle this problem Startup Style not only focuses on innovative ideas when it comes to designs but also on the quality of their products.

Small scale businesses are one of the beneficiaries as the startup also helps them to get customized products like T-shirts, Caps, Notepad for their business. This helps small businesses to upgrade in the market with unique identity; which makes them look more professional and organised.

These two friends are on their mission to expand their business and to provide the best product and service to their customers, along with promoting the start-up culture in India.