The First Paw-A strong hand for Paws

Love for Pets

The First Paw-“Since my childhood I always wanted to keep pets with me in my house. I have pet dog (a golden retriever) whose name is Asher and he is a part of my life. During this current pandemic situation, we as human beings are going through numerous problems. Though other animals are also victim of this outbreak.

The first Paw founders
Akansha and Neha (Founders of The First Paw)

Felt the pain of pets

Since a long time I hadn’t been able to take Asher outside for a walk. Moreover, on 23rd June, it was Asher’s birthday and it was impossible for me to collect all the necessary items from market to celebrate his special day. Hence, being a dog lover, I and Neha-my sister in law, baked a cake together with some special ingredients for Asher and Neha’s pet dog-Gnasher. Thereafter, we celebrated Gnasher’s birthday in similar way by preparing homemade food-stuffs. Doing which we felt really good and also made both Asher and Gnasher happy with our little efforts.

Meanwhile, seeing such pitiable condition of the street and pet dogs , we both thought of doing something for pets and ultimately we came up with the idea to provide some essential commodities for them.

Beginning of “The first Paw”

So, I and Neha started preparing cakes, cookies and donuts (without sugar and preservatives) which are good for the health of dogs. Since, we believe that dogs too should enjoy some privileges during this firm situation; having this in mind, on 9th July, we met some nearby dog owners and started promoting these homemade products. After receiving good response from people, we finally started our business with a social outlook.

We have named our business as “The first paw”. We thank Asher and Gnasher for being an inspiration to us who gave us an opportunity to help such other beautiful souls.We are looking forward to extend our service in the coming years.”

Akanksha and Neha (Co-founders of “The first Paw”)