Tiktok gets banned in Pakistan over indecent and immoral content

Tiktok gets banned in Pakistan

Tiktok gets banned in Pakistan due to the allegations of containing “indecent and immoral” content. On Friday, Pakistan banned the video-sharing app TikTok stating that the application contains “indecent and immoral” content. The ban is imposed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), through a press conference the authorities declared the reasons behind such ban.
The authority was receiving several complaints regarding the content of the application and the nature of content consistently posted on TikTok. Due to the same reason the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority already issued a “final notice” to the company, the notice was issued on 20th July 2020.

Bigo had also got banned before Tiktok gets banned in Pakistan

Along with TikTok, the same notice was issued to another application called Bigo for immoral, vulgar, and obscene content on their platform. The PTA said in the press conference that they provided “considerable time” to the company to respond and moderate the objective content on their application which will be following the moral and ethics of the society

Due to the failure of the company in complying with the instructions of the authority, the directions have been issued to block the application “TikTok” in the country. However, the ban is not permanent and final on the application.
According to some sources, the authority has communicated with TikTok and has informed them that the authority is “open for engagement” and will take its decision back if the company makes changes. If the mechanism is satisfactory enough for the authorities the decision will be revived

The decision by the authority was shocking considering the relation between Pakistan and the home country of the company China. The decision can affect the relationship and can turn adverse for Pakistan, this is the reason the application is not permanently banned in the country and chances are soon will be back for use to the users.Shortly after the announcement the company responded by saying that they are committed to follow the laws of the land.

The company has claimed that it has been in regular communication with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and will continue to work with them. They are hoping that they will be able to find common grounds that will satisfy both of them, so they will continue to serve the country and its vibrant and creative online community.

Tiktok said that their intention is to keep a positive and safe in-app environment. The company has claimed that they have taken necessary measurements to provide a safe and welcoming in-app environment for the users and made reporting of violent content easier for the users, along with issuing the community guidelines which will be available in the Urdu language for the convenience of the users.