Truck Suvidha – Online Truck Booking Service

Childhood and Learnings

Truck Suvidha: At a very small age I fell in love with computers which slowly helped me to develop a passion for programming. By the time I cleared exams of 9th standard, I had already mastered the advance concepts of programming. After completing school education, I enrolled in Engineering (IT) course to pursue graduation.

First Startup

While pursuing engineering course, I and my other friends founded an organization within the college and started working on real time projects. We were successfully delivering many projects and generating decent revenue from it but as time passed, soon we all were graduated and decided to join different MNCs. I started working in one of the biggest IT companies of our country and just after few months, everybody in my office was astonished with my work. During this, I received many rewards and recognition from my employer.

However, overtime I also started missing those days of working for my own company where not only I refined my programming concepts but also learnt interpersonal and management skills. Though, this flourishing desire of working for my own company was once again going to be transformed into reality when I met Amit Punaini whose father was at the verge of closing his plywood business due to huge financial losses. But before we could find a solution to save Mr. Punaini business, he unfortunately closed it.

Truck Suvidha founders
Ishu Bansal and Amit Punaini

Amit, who helped his father since childhood, wasn’t ready to sit back and do nothing. Once again he started his father’s closed business of plywood and became successful in very short time by burning the candle at both ends. Rising once again in business boosted his confidence which led him to start another venture into scrap dealing. However, as soon as Amit started his second venture, once again difficulties entered his life. He started losing money in his second venture due to unorganized transportation sector. But even in his difficult time he took very less time to realize that to save his hard earned money and his second venture he must take the help of technology.

After going through all this, Amit finally decided to tell me his problems which he was facing. We both sat together and did brainstorming and doing which we finally reached to a conclusion that –

Trucks were available in the market but there was no direct medium to contact their respective owners or transportation companies.

Foundation of Truck Suvidha

The transportation problem faced by Amit in his business helped us to envision a company which could resolve the same problem faced by many people in the country. Very soon, we both started working on a new project to scrap the problem of transportation and after working for day and night we finally launched our project with the name TruckSuvidha in market.

Today, Truck Suvidha is known as a leading platform for the Transport Industry. It is connecting transporters and truck drivers with their customers across India. Truck Suvidha always aims to make the material transportation easier, swift and affordable; and while doing all this we never forget to follow best practices and business ethics.

– Ishu Bansal (Co-founder of TruckSuvidha)