Uneako – An important step towards the conservation of environment

Passion towards environment

Uneako: Since my childhood I have always been passionate about conservation of environment, empowering marginal communities and entrepreneurship. Though, this passion metamorphosed into a reality when I saw a jumbo stack of garbage which was piling up daily at a close distance from my house. Seeing which every day, my level of distress was also increasing. I could see men destroying mother-nature insouciantly and it was when I decided to discuss it with my elder brother Atul Tripathi, back then, who was working as a design thinker in a private company. After listening to everything my brother helped me in the formation of Uneako – an eco friendly startup.

Unaeko Founders
Atul Tripathi and Ankit Tripathi


Uneako which was formed with an objective to conserve the existing natural environment and with the motto of Sharing Sustainable Happiness is striving to curb the environmental threats of climate change and plastic pollution by introducing and promoting an exclusive and innovative range of eco-friendly product solutions, which are made using various organic and biodegradable wastes like stationary from paper waste, air purifier from activated charcoal of bamboo, diaries from wooden waste, jute pouches, terracotta bottle and many more. We also support 100% ecological packaging for our products.

In the present time, where the environmental crisis is severe and threatening, the switch towards sustainable lifestyle is the need of the hour and its demand will be rise day by day. Since there are not enough producers in the sustainability domain, we can get the first mover advantage. Also our approach is different than our competitors. The uniqueness lies in the complete use of natural wastes, which we generally discard considering wastes.

Another crucial point which makes us stand out is the inclusion of the marginalized communities in our process of production. We are supporting the marginalized sections of our society like the women from rural areas, artisans and craftsmen, specially-abled people, and also jail inmates under trial by employing their skill sets in the production and value addition of our products, ultimately supporting economically and socially.

-Ankit Tripathi (Founder of Uneako)