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Travel lover since childhood

work save travelrepeat: “I have always loved traveling to different places. Malvi who is my cousin, she has been my core travel partner since our childhood. I hail from Delhi but presently reside in Chandigarh due to service transfer of my father. Malvi and I had been to several places together during our family trips to Mumbai, Jodhpur, Ajmer and Shimla. After traveling to these places, we used to share our experience on social media by uploading pictures that we took on our trips. We used to upload our travel diaries on Instagram.

Founders of work save travelrepeat
Shivangi Falwaria and Malvi Tongaria (Co-Founders – work save travelrepeat)

However, we were not able to reach more people through our personal accounts. We both wanted to do something better to share our travel experiences. So, we decided to create a common Instagram account. Although, initially we ourselves were not very serious about the common account we created. We just did it to reach to a larger audience which includes people we didn’t know at all. Sooner, my cousin and I had to reduce the number of our trips as we both got engaged in our professional lives. As a result, we could not keep our travel account running.

Although, being a travel lover, we were not in the position to separate ourselves from the idea of reaching a bigger and wider audience through our Instagram account. After sometime, we both started exploring various Instagram accounts related to traveling, though we found that the existing traveling accounts had a sole purpose of sharing their photographs and videos only whereas we both wanted our followers to know everything from traveling experience to expenses done on transportation, lodging and meals during our trip. This gave us an opportunity and an idea to provide enough information on our Instagram account about places and cost to visit them. We knew this would also serve the purpose of guiding people for their trips.

Incarnation of work save travelrepeat

The initiative we took in a casual manner now has a responsible role to play of providing a proper information and guidance to our followers. Eventually, with this aim, we once again became active on our traveling account by renaming it as ” work save travelrepeat “.

Now, we have also started to approach other people to collect their traveling experiences. We publish their travelling experiences on our platform. This way we are building a community where people who have already visited a place help others who want to explore the same place.

Pulling together

When it comes to managing account of ‘, I take care of the content part while Malvi promotes it and she makes sure that our content reaches to more people. Within the span of 3 months, the number of followers have grown from 100 to 1000. People themselves have started approaching us to feature their travel diaries on our account and they pay a certain amount for doing so. Thus, the Instagram account that once we created only to express our interest and hobby has now transformed into a source of income.

Currently we are working with an aim to start a company in near future that would help people to make their traveling experiences more meaningful.

-Shivangi Falwaria (Co-Founder of work save travelrepeat)